(2011) Prelude To The Darkness - Official Demo

by Forget My Pain

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released April 30, 2011

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Theo Peltzer and Matías Cooper.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. july 2010 - january 2011.

All music and lyrics written, arranged and performed by Forget My Pain except guitar solos on tracks 1, 2 and 3 by Gastón Goldberg.

Design and photography by Ulises Depaoli (www.facebook.com/UlisesDfoto)
Cover designed by Fena.

At the time of recording, FMP was:
Francisco "Fena" Alfano: lead guitar and vocals.
Germán "Ulises" Depaoli: keys and vocals on "Shadow of a stranger".
Natalia "Natty" Lopez: vocals.
Juan Bautista del Frade - Viruz: bass and guttural vocals.
Ciro "El Kiri" Orozco: drums.




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Forget My Pain Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alt.+Gothic Metal / facebook.com/forgetmypain

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Track Name: The Revenge Of The Darkness
The sun has gone
And all is so black
I’m feeling the dark
Is falling through the sky

The day is here
And there is no escape
You have to fight
‘Cause that we deserve

Save your life
Save tonight
Take your heart and run

Save your life
Save tonight
Is here the revenge of...

Pain and hate
Is running through your veins
The eyes all black
A step before die

The Hopeless world
Is turning backwards
This is the end
I see you in hell!

The Darkness!
Track Name: Shadow Of A Stranger
I'll tell you the story of a man
Who made this world and united men
His voice was so strong, like a rock
And everyone cried when he had gone

He was the King of our souls
The dark ones loved him a lot
With his voice he could make you explode
But now the mic is standing alone

He is fighting with a dragon
We are waiting for his coming back

Come on, save my life again
Teach us how to rock ‘till the end
You are the Master of these souls
You are the Father of these sons

He showed us how a rainbow glows
And who is the Master of the moon
How a Holy Diver makes you strong
And a huge difference in this world

We dream of Heaven but live a Hell
The angels are mad, right up there
He never gave up on his dreams
But now it's just the Shadow of the Wind

I'll never forget... your voice
We'll never forget your holy soul
Track Name: Reflection Of My Dark
I cannot fail
All my feelings are dead
I need to be strong
‘Cause that is my only hope

¿Will you be with me
When my dark reflects on me?
All my sorrow and my pain is real
And only the love can heal

You and me, wherever soon
I need peace, some air from you

(And that is all...)

Filling me, obsessed by you
All my sorrow torn in two
Holding me, I can't refuse
When my dark reflects on you

I still cannot fail
Step by step is just more pain
The door is locked and there's no key
I need a way to escape from here

The only sounds I can hear
Are screams from the death
All is black and the night disappears
Lost in my mind searching for the day

In my dark I've been so long
Always waiting for the dawn

(And that is all...)

I was lost and I was found
Wherever I am is full of dark
Track Name: Autumn Nights
Find myself in my room
I am just only dreaming of you
It can be true, or is a false
I can't believe, I'm beside you

But I think about a mistake
‘Cause I’m blind for your love
And I can't refuse
Your sweet lips on my heart

I feel so good with yourself on my side
Falling asleep awake only counting the days
Getting close to your end

Now I can see
That you're a whore
Playing with me
To feed yourself

Now I’m falling back
To this emptiness
While your are enjoying
All your selfishness

Come, show me how you hurt another one
Because of you I'm dreaming this Autumn Nights
After of you the loneliness is all my life

Don't make me smile...

Forever I'll miss you
But I know that is wrong

And I feel so confused
You hurt me, I love you
But I can't forget your face