(2015) Moonless - EP

by Forget My Pain

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released March 17, 2015

Recorded at The Warehouse Studio by Fito Norando and Theo Peltzer.
Recorded and mixed at El Tornado Estudios by Theo Peltzer.
Mastered for TITANIO by Ezequiel Morfi

Buenos Aires, Argentina. april 2014 - february 2015.

All music and lyrics written, arranged and performed by Forget My Pain:

Natty: vocals.
Alexei: guitars.
Viruz: bass.
Eggu: keys.
Kiri: drums.

Design and photography by Ulises Depaoli (www.facebook.com/UlisesDfoto)




all rights reserved


Forget My Pain Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alt.+Gothic Metal / facebook.com/forgetmypain

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Track Name: Next In Line
Looking so weak before my eyes
Sensing your fear, it makes me go
I take my time to make you mine
It's useless to run, but this you know

You're the next in line

You're one more on my everlasting game
Counting your stars you'll ever see me again
Fade into darkness as I please my thirst
You, my beloved, are the one who will lose

Feed the fire, come by my side
Death is painless, we're born and gone
If you believe you can withstand
Don't fool yourself, just learn to give in

You're the next in line

You, my beloved
Are the one
Who... will... lose
Track Name: Never Too Strong
Pride for the higher
You would never know you're free
Save now your strong side
The best will never come for free

Inquisition, a loss of vision
That is all that you may keep
For all the times I've sweated blood
I'll be on top to taste your fall

You might...

Find me, hold me
Take me, taste me
See me, tease me
Leave me, kill me

I could never believe it
You'd have to lock me up
Decisions were always misleading
This time I walk out the door

Find now all that I'm leaving
Your song was never too strong
It may not seem that I mean it
But this time, I walk out the door

Fight for desire
Your hunters will seek me for what they've seen
I'll make you go higher
And then I'll sweep you off your feet

Back in time the same old story
Another glory to be revealed
For all the times I've sweated blood
I'll be on top to taste your fall
Track Name: Delusions
See my hands collide
Watch my tears fall down
You might not understand at all
But this that you cannot see is called home

Trading decisions for confusion
See the way I play with your illusions
Biting, mischieving and deceiving
Wear the mask so I know how and when
To get... away... from you

Did you believe the reasons I had denied?
Gave me your time and you then realized
All of your lies always hovered my mind
I must not suffice 'cause you were there to say goodbye

With all my feathers fallen, I cannot fly
In my ever surprising lover's charms
Why do I keep recalling this? I don't know
But I have to, over time I know
I'll fade... away... from you

Oh, be gone, away!
You couldn't hold the line no more
Don't you know I won't stay
I cannot behold this right now
Track Name: Moonless Night
Faithless nights
Absent feelings in my mind
You can't run from this hell of lust
I can see in your eyes
The moon that is left behind
Reign of blood in my hands
Rain of love
In this moonless night

Fade away all my fears
Forgetting all that it can be
Get inside, into your mind
Just to be...

Your nightmare inside
Your mortal desire
Your lusted night
Without a moon on the sky

Faithless nights
Absent feelings in my mind
You can't run
From this hell of lust